Terrie Odabi - Halloween Night!

Friday, October 31st • 7:30pm & 10pm • $20

When the statuesque Oakland native begins to sing, a hush falls over the audience. They’re about to take a ride through the highs and lows of soul music, led by a beautiful singer who packs her shows with heart-pumping energy and poignant memories. Whether it’s opening for Average White Band or Lenny Williams, or performing at the Concord Pavilion or the Fillmore Jazz Festival, Terrie’s finely honed instrument is matched by her generous spirit and wit.

Sonny Rhodes

Saturday, November 1st • 7:30pm & 10pm • $22

Sonny Rhodes (born Clarence Edward Smith, November 3, 1940, Smithville, Texas) is an American blues singer and lap steel guitar player. He has recorded over two hundred songs. "I'm what you call a self-proclaimed Disciple of the Blues!" said Rhodes about his years playing and singing for fans of blues around the world. He has been nominated fifteen times for the Blues Music Awards, and won the Instrumentalist-Other category in 2011.

B.B. & the Blues Shacks

Wednesday, November 5th • 7:30pm & 9:30pm • $20

Die BB’s are masters of their instruments and make the audience feel the deep emotions that lie in the sound of hand-made R&B. Their music is fun and sweeps the listeners away. Meanwhile they have played more than 3000 gigs, won numerous awards and recorded twelve albums, one with a Grammy winner. They have received numerous honors and awards including „Best European Blues Band“. The album 'London Daye' was awarded with the German Record Critic’s Award.

SRV Tribute w/Alan Iglesias & Crossfire

Friday, November 7th • 7:30pm & 10pm • $22

Anyone who was ever fortunate enough to experience Stevie and Double Trouble's driving blues-rock in concert will never forget the way they played together live. Playing blues rock since the 60's, Alan Iglesias draws from a wealth of SRV musical history and knowledge as well as his own life experience to faithfully reproduce the famed Texas "thundershuffle" and perform each show ever-mindful of the tremendous responsibility that he bears...to do his very best to bring back as much of the original experience as he possibly can, every time he takes the stage.

Mighty Mo Rodgers

Saturday, November 8th • 7:30pm & 10pm • $22

Mighty Mo Rodgers Is A Remarkably Original Singer/Songwriter Who's Shaped His Life Experiences Into A Terrifically Eclectic And Immensely Deep Vision On His Blue Thumb Debut, Blues Is My Wailin' Wall. Whether On Paper, On Record, Or In Conversation, It's Rodgers' Meaningful Exploration And Expression Of Life Through Music That Makes The Trip Soul-Satisfying

Selwyn Birchwood •

"Don't Call No Ambulance" CD Release


Friday, November 14th • 7:30pm & 10pm • $22

Saturday, November 15th • 7:30pm & 10pm • $22

Selwyn Birchwood, Florida’s rising young blues fireball, is a guitar and lap steel playing bundle of pure energy. He delivers his original songs with a revival tent preacher’s fervor and a natural storyteller’s charisma made all the more impactful by his raw, unvarnished vocals. Birchwood plays high-octane blues—at once deeply rooted, funky and up-to-the-minute—with true passion and honest emotion. With his band feeding off his drive and exuberance, the striking 6’3” 29-year-old with his trademark Afro roams the stage (often barefoot), ripping out memorable guitar licks with ease. His ability to win over an audience—any audience—is proven night after night on the bandstand.

James Armstrong

Sunday, November 16th • 7pm & 9pm • $20

Seen live, Armstrong has a confident stage presence that combines grace with mischief. Few blues artists know how to play the crowd as James can, shifting dynamics from a whisper to a growl. Wherever he travels around the world his magnetism continues to hush a noisy rabble or entice a crowd to follow him out into the street or down the length of a beach. Little wonder he’s been dubbed: The Ambassador of the Blues.

Josh Hoyer & the Shadow Boxers

Thursday, November 20th • 7:30pm & 9:30pm • $20

JOSH HOYER and The Shadowboxers is a project formed in late 2012 in famed blues town Lincoln, Nebraska. For the last 15 years, Hoyer has been very in demand as a performer in his previous bands, as a solo artist behind the piano and as a session musician and arranger. Spending much of his time booking and promoting in Lincoln at the legendary Zoo Bar and beyond, Hoyer is an influential part of the funk, soul and blues youth movement.

Mr. Sipp "The Mississippi Blues Child"

Friday, November 21st • 7:30pm & 10pm • $22

Saturday, November 22nd • 7:30pm & 10pm • $22

Coleman has traveled the globe playing his unique style of guitar and works as a songwriter, composer, producer, vocalist and performing artist. Most importantly, he is a God fearing, hard working family man with four daughters. In addition to his IBC 2014 win, Castro also won the Gibson Best Guitar Award this year, as well as landed an endorsement from Ephiphone. Additionally, he received the National Artist of the Year nomination by the Jackson Music Awards and was the first recipient of the Bobby Rush Award bestowed by the Jus Blues Music Awards.

Lazer Lloyd

Sunday, November 23rd • 7pm & 9pm • $20

Lazer Lloyd, who many call “Israel’s King of the Blues”, is a blues, rock, and folk guitarist and singer/songwriter who has spread love of the blues across Israel. The Washington Post recently noted, “One of the most popular blues singers and guitarists in Israel is Lazer Lloyd. “From the moment the sounds of his blues guitar reached the air it was completely clear that this is an international-level guitarist. His shows are worth every minute. One of the great musicians.”

Paula Harris

Friday, November 28th • 7:30pm & 10pm • $22

“If Etta James fronted the Tower of Power- and they were a blues band- THAT is what Paula Harris sounds like!” She delivers a mix of Impudent, Humorous, and Naughty Lyrical content in a Fusion of Blues, Funk and Jazz. Her band, the “Beasts of Blues” and her Horn section “Big Ass Brass” are world-class and they put on a show that is as impressive as their sound. This group is being touted as one of the hottest most original bands to hit the blues scene in years.

Karen Lovely

Saturday, November 29th • 7:30pm & 10pm • $22

Most recently nominated for two Muddy Awards: Best Female Artist and Best Northwest Recording for her Prohibition CD. Known for her passionate, driven performances and always backed by stellar musicians, this powerhouse vocalist delivers a blistering mix of contemporary & old school blues. Lovely's standout performances have garnered awards, critical acclaim and standing ovations at festivals and venues throughout the US, Canada and Europe.